DO, while you still can. HELP, as long as you can.

“Why not? It’s good to help and share your talent from time to time. You lose nothing but earn more than any monetary gains.” – Gigi


There are times in our lives when things just happen without us preparing for them to happen. Like a sudden phone call from a friend informing you about an immediate face painting activity and getting to know people whose lives were dedicated to serve and inspire others. It’s like God working on us!

I’m not that good at painting, neither did I take any enhancement to further develop this “so-I-think” talent. But because of encouragements from others, most especially from my parents and friends, I realized that, “Yeah, I can do this while they can’t’ and maybe this is something I have which they don’t.”

So, for others who think they don’t have talents, try to look back and evaluate to which aspect in your life were you truly recognized and highly praised of. It may not be that big events, or it may just be a simple presentation or creative output. Maybe, that was the gift you have been keeping all along.

Unleash your shovel and try to dig deep down to see what a precious gift you have! We may have known that you were the key to stop global warming and answer to the ozone depletion and indifference between races.

Photo-0983 Photo-0981 Photo-0980


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