10 Places to go in Cebu on a Tight Budget

“Blessed are the curious for they will shall have adventures.”


I don’t know if it’s because of Doc Nielsen and Doc Ferds of “Born to be Wild” and John Feir of “Let’s Fiesta” or because I wanted to discover first-hand the places which I have been mentioning on my Geography class that I discovered this innate passion to travel. I couldn’t recall how it started but as of the moment, all I want to do is to keep travelling and marvel on the wonders of nature. That’s the main reason why I keep on watching travel and adventure documentaries (local and international), reading about amazing places to go (e.g. Valley of Death, Black Mountain, etc) and making itineraries of the places which I think are accomplishable as of the moment.

ten places

So, last April, I decided to post this on my Facebook account. My goal is to discover first the wonders of my own province – Cebu. I was more determined to do this because I had to teach Grade Three social studies which in the new K-12 curriculum revolves on the history, geography and social study of one’s own province – experience is the best teacher, right? I’ll not make this rationale too long because I think nobody is interested to read this, so here goes the 10 places I have been (from April to October) in Cebu in a tight budget.

  1. Kawasan Falls, Badian – (P400.00) via Ceres

Get the best massage offered by the rushing cold waters of Kawasan Falls.


2. Hilutongan Island, Cordova – (P200.00) – via V-hire and Pumpboat


Be in a place where most people have sunkissed skin! 

3. Birhen sa Lindogon, Simala and Carcar City – (P250.00) – via V-hire and tricycle



4. Molobolo Cold Spring, Tuburan, Cebu – (P280.00) – via V-hire and tricycle


5.Wakiki Beach, Balamban – (P250.00) – via V-hire and tricycle


6. Camotes Island – (P2,000.00) – inclusion of travel fare, food (buffet) and tour around the island

Places to go: Santiago Beach Resort, Mangodlong Rock Formation Beach Resort, Lake Danao, Timobo Cave, Buho Rock Diving Resort and Baywalk


  1. Argao trek (P700.00) – travel and adventure package includes transportation from Cebu City to Argao, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), tour guide, equipment for trekking, spelunking and rappelling

Place to go: Argao River, Balay sa Agta Cave, Bugasok Falls and Coal Mountain Resort


  1. Oslob: Whale swimming and Tumalog Falls – P850.00 (includes fare, entrance and adventure package)

shark falls

9. Bojo River, Aloguinsan and Mantayupan Falls, Barili – P800.00 (fare, entrance and adventure package)


10.Basdaku, Moalboal – (P500.00) via Ceres and V-hire (includes fare for tricycle, entrance fee and cottage accommodation)


My adventure will not stop there. I’m about to formulate another challenge for myself before this year ends. Probably, 5 places to go outside Cebu? Hopefully. If I can do this on a tight budget, why can’t you? It’s a matter of positivity, passion and a mouthful of good company. Feel free to drop down comments for inquiries.

See you in my next adventure! 😀



11 thoughts on “10 Places to go in Cebu on a Tight Budget

  1. Hi gang! Soo happy to read this article of Yours! 🙂 Especially the budget!!! Can you imagine that? 😀 Wow! Bigtime! Hehe. I was so inspired to go out now (since, I’m not really not an outdoor/adventurous person in my whole life, HAHAHA) I would love to go- explore now and discover the beautiful places here in Cebu. Thank to you for writing this article, I realize now. :))
    I hope to go with your upcoming adventures soon!

    Ate Kristine ❤

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  2. maka relate ko ay… ky balay skwelahan rako sauna den pagtrabaho na ky balay trabahoan rajud.. until na curious kos LITTLE AMSTERDAM last march 2017 and niadto jud ko ni halfday jud duty.. den in my whole life wa pko kita ug waterfalls sige rkog drawing ug waterfalls pagbata.. so i decided adtuon ko ng kawasan falls.. mao rana akong gihunahuna but not realizing daghan pako na explore sa 2017 bumping to adrenaline romance blog on igotan cave and yours truly maam dakilang laagan on your mountain adventure.. nakaadto kog mt naupa, bandilaan peak, and ky bisaya traveler blog help me naa diay ng AO FARM .. grabe,, happy.. hope for more in 2018.. thanks jud kaayu ninyo maam marj hehehe and other bloggers

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