10 Places to go in Cebu on a Tight Budget

“Blessed are the curious for they will shall have adventures.”


I don’t know if it’s because of Doc Nielsen and Doc Ferds of “Born to be Wild” and John Feir of “Let’s Fiesta” or because I wanted to discover first-hand the places which I have been mentioning on my Geography class that I discovered this innate passion to travel. I couldn’t recall how it started but as of the moment, all I want to do is to keep travelling and marvel on the wonders of nature. That’s the main reason why I keep on watching travel and adventure documentaries (local and international), reading about amazing places to go (e.g. Valley of Death, Black Mountain, etc) and making itineraries of the places which I think are accomplishable as of the moment.

ten places

So, last April, I decided to post this on my Facebook account. My goal is to discover first the wonders of my own province – Cebu. I was more determined to do this because I had to teach Grade Three social studies which in the new K-12 curriculum revolves on the history, geography and social study of one’s own province – experience is the best teacher, right? I’ll not make this rationale too long because I think nobody is interested to read this, so here goes the 10 places I have been (from April to October) in Cebu in a tight budget.

  1. Kawasan Falls, Badian – (P400.00) via Ceres

Get the best massage offered by the rushing cold waters of Kawasan Falls.


2. Hilutongan Island, Cordova – (P200.00) – via V-hire and Pumpboat


Be in a place where most people have sunkissed skin! 

3. Birhen sa Lindogon, Simala and Carcar City – (P250.00) – via V-hire and tricycle



4. Molobolo Cold Spring, Tuburan, Cebu – (P280.00) – via V-hire and tricycle


5.Wakiki Beach, Balamban – (P250.00) – via V-hire and tricycle


6. Camotes Island – (P2,000.00) – inclusion of travel fare, food (buffet) and tour around the island

Places to go: Santiago Beach Resort, Mangodlong Rock Formation Beach Resort, Lake Danao, Timobo Cave, Buho Rock Diving Resort and Baywalk


  1. Argao trek (P700.00) – travel and adventure package includes transportation from Cebu City to Argao, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), tour guide, equipment for trekking, spelunking and rappelling

Place to go: Argao River, Balay sa Agta Cave, Bugasok Falls and Coal Mountain Resort


  1. Oslob: Whale swimming and Tumalog Falls – P850.00 (includes fare, entrance and adventure package)

shark falls

9. Bojo River, Aloguinsan and Mantayupan Falls, Barili – P800.00 (fare, entrance and adventure package)


10.Basdaku, Moalboal – (P500.00) via Ceres and V-hire (includes fare for tricycle, entrance fee and cottage accommodation)


My adventure will not stop there. I’m about to formulate another challenge for myself before this year ends. Probably, 5 places to go outside Cebu? Hopefully. If I can do this on a tight budget, why can’t you? It’s a matter of positivity, passion and a mouthful of good company. Feel free to drop down comments for inquiries.

See you in my next adventure! 😀



8 thoughts on “10 Places to go in Cebu on a Tight Budget

  1. Hi gang! Soo happy to read this article of Yours! 🙂 Especially the budget!!! Can you imagine that? 😀 Wow! Bigtime! Hehe. I was so inspired to go out now (since, I’m not really not an outdoor/adventurous person in my whole life, HAHAHA) I would love to go- explore now and discover the beautiful places here in Cebu. Thank to you for writing this article, I realize now. :))
    I hope to go with your upcoming adventures soon!

    Ate Kristine ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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