FLAWS: Learn to love them


“I’m fat and fabulous. And I love it.”

Living in this continually growing, eccentric world where selfies and vanity have become the mainstream, it is but normal to feel insecurities all over your body.


The fact that most people have been spending their lives over the internet, books, movies and any other forms of media, it is but normal to feel insecurity about the things which others have and one don’t. But this does not mean that one has to entertain such insecurity. Well, it is good to feel such for a moment because it is a constant reminder that someone, somewhere is way better than you are but keeping such insecurity overtime gradually kills a person. Not literally kill though but killing a person’s identity. The moment a person decides to change something in order to fit the “ideal society” – one that the media defines, that person is slowly driven away from what he or she has to become.


Though we have different standards of what makes us happy, it is also good to check from time to time if one has still remained grounded on what has and should be. Because no matter how good the facade you make, at the end of the day, your heart and soul will keep on yelling at you for what you have done with your life.

Remember always that “When you truly love yourself, you don’t need to impress others. Other people may not agree with what you think and say but you know yourself very well to entertain them.”

Kodus! πŸ™‚


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