7 reasons why i love BORN TO BE WILD

“Man, unlike animals, has never learned that the sole purpose in life is to enjoy and live it.” – Samuel Butler

As an adventurer and geography teacher, my usual craving really goes for doing outdoor activities, going to wild places and meet extraordinary people. I usually spend my weekends and holidays planning and going for an adventure. Upon planning, I have come to meet along my researches several series and documentaries that further fueled my passion to wander and marvel God’s creation – one of which is my ultimate favorite, aside from Ancient Aliens – Born to be Wild.

Why do I love this show? Scroll down. 😀

1. Exploration.

Explore and marvel the wonders of our own country.


2. Leisure.

Enjoy what nature can offer.

adventure adventure2

3. Service.

Be of service to the least, the last and the lost.


4. Socialization.

Meet more people and get to know different culture.


5. History.

Understand the backbone of every place.


6. Exercise.

Sweating out without going to the gym.


7. Self-assessment.

Find out how well you know yourself and your limit. 🙂


And the list may go on… so as the inspiration given by the TV show. Thumbs up to Doc Nielsen and Doc Ferds! 😀


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