Rise up and Shine, Baby

“Honey, wake up, I’ve prepared something special for you. See it!”

There’s a crazy joke that goes, “When I feel like cleaning my room, I wait till that feeling is gone.” Funny as it may seem but for most people this holds true – including me. Yes, I am a lazy kind of person. I repeat, I am a lazy person. It sounds stupid, but I don’t find it embarrassing to acknowledge because if there’s one thing that I can brag about this common trait, it is the fact that I always finish my tasks on time and I always wake up early. I couldn’t remember being late, ever, in class (only in class).  Unlike most people, I do have this routinely body clock which keeps me awake at as early as four in the morning. And even on holidays and rest days, as much as I wanted to stay comfortable and cuddle with my pillow in my bed, I can’t help but stand and do something because I can no longer go back to sleep. Much of curse for others, I found one significant realization about this ‘waking-up-early-syndrome’ – I discovered a gift which most people neglect to unwrap.

On the second day of our stay in Sta. Fe, Bantayan, I woke up, as usual, at five in the morning. And no matter how I try to feign sleep, I couldn’t hold a grip of it. Trying to console myself and avoid feeling jealous with my colleagues, who were in their deep slumber at that time, I went out of our room and decided to stay on the beach. It was still dark at that time and the only people visible in the area are the fishermen and their wives, ship crews, and myself. At that time, all I wanted to do is to sleep since I haven’t got much from the prior day after a nonstop swimming session. I thought at that time that I was doomed. Then something sparked.

As I looked up at the cloudy sky, I saw something marvelous – the early tint of sunrise! At that time, I finally figured out what I will do – document the sunrise.


Although there was nothing to view but the clouds, the sea and the sky, the task didn’t bore me. That moment, I realized that one does not need a lot of money, time, and effort to enjoy and have fun because true happiness can be found and experienced by appreciating the small things that are around – like the sunrise. Probably, this is the reason why most lovers love to stay on the beach and watch the sunrise together. It promises a hope for the day and the days to come.

So for those who are uncertain, taxed, and bored, might as well see this everyday beauty. Not only that it can brighten up your day, it can also mobilize you! It’s like God saying to us in His husky bedroom voice, “Honey, wake up, I’ve prepared something special for you. See it!”

Wakey, wakey! 🙂 🙂 🙂

38 thoughts on “Rise up and Shine, Baby

  1. I am a morning person like you (not sure I like it though, but I accept it) and I must say there’s a lot of truth in what you say. Many beautiful things can be seen, done, achieved in the lonely hours of early mornings. I’ve made my peace with this condition (yes, it’s a condition I believe! ;-P) and I started enjoying the joys of dawn: a sunrise, a hot cup of coffee, a book or even getting ahead of schedule with work. Everything has its own rhythm at that hour.


  2. Wow, what a gorgeous sunrise. Unlike yourself, we will sleep in past noon on any given day, no matter the time zone. We have probably only seen a handful of sunrises and it would be from still being awake, not just waking up. We would love to sit on that beach and watch the sunrise. Thank you for sharing your beautiful morning.

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  3. I am a lazy person too but unfortunately I don’t seem to have your discipline to get up early in the morning! But I totally agree that sunrise can be some of the best times for sightseeing and even though, as you put it, “there was nothing to view but the clouds, the sea and the sky” these often make for the most awesome views. I will try and take you advice next time I feel like a lie in on vacation!

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  4. In Italy we say “Chi dorme non piglia pesci” (literally: who sleeps don’t catch fishes) and that’s true for sure in your situation. You experienced a fantastic sunrise while the others were sleeping, and I guess after seeing your photos they’ll regret their having slept that much!

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  5. great reminder for all of us to appreciate little gifts like sunrises more and more often. There is indeed something magical about waking up earlier than everyone else. I tend to get up 4:50 as a kid to attend figure skating classes in the morning. Now I am thinking of going to the same routine again and start investing 1h to my blog each morning. 🙂
    PS. I suggest you to install Adobe Lightroom and start learning how to post-process pictures a bit. It would be great to see these images in a but better quality (just trying to help here!)

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  6. As an early riser, I usually have the beautiful opportunity of watching the sun rise. It is simply amazing. I have been to Bantayan and I like staying in the beach and watching the sun sets as well. A real paradise, Cebu is. Have you tried skydiving there?

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  7. I can’t say I am lazy but yes I’m morning person and yet I always came late on my (7am)class during my school days. This is also the time of the day I love the most next to sunset. Good pictures there, would love to catch it as well in Bantayan. 🙂

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  8. We’re kind of alike in some ways – I for one also identifies as a lazy person, and I’m never late in class too. I totally agree with what you said, that true happiness is found by appreciating the small things. I love watching the sunset (as I’m not an early riser), and just taking time to feel everything in my surroundings. 🙂

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  9. Isn’t it so crazy to think that every single day holds with it both a sunrise and sunset? No matter where in the world you are there is some form of beauty to behold. Why is it we miss so many?

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  10. Looks like a fantastic sunrise! I’m pretty good at sleeping in, well at least until post sunrise! My travel companion, not so much. She sometimes sees me crack an eye open and quickly pounces on the opportunity to let me know I’m awake! I sure wish she would take a page from your book and go capture the sunrise instead! LOL. Beautiful photos you captured!

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  11. A simple sunset for me is a priceless happiness to see another day pass by, still alive and another day anticipating for better days.
    My simple happiness is buying fridge magnet whenever I tra el to a new place.

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  12. Nice post! I’m totally jealous. I’m the opposite. I could see the sunrise before going to sleep, because i’m almost an owl and get active at night 😀 The pics are amazing!! 😀 Enjoy the mornings ^^

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  13. Absolutely agree- we don’t need many things to be happy if we only learn to see and appreciate the small things. We got stuck into the viscoius cirle of success and wanting more and comparing ourselves and our lives to other and this often makes us unhappy. Quiet moments like this are beutiful!

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