Gabuya – Mahinay Nuptials: To a Colorful Journey

“If you are destined for each other, everything else will flow smoothly at the right time.”


John Green on his hit novel-turns-motion-picture The Fault in our Stars stated that the thing about pain is that it demands to be felt; and as a diehard fan of him, I wholeheartedly believed such. However, last May 9, 2015, my perspective of such eventually changed. I realized upon then that not only pain demands to be felt, so as love. And so you might ask, what happened? What changed my firm belief?


The Wedding

This generation of instant gratification enabled people to acquire almost everything in a single click on the mouse, swift movement of hand gestures, or simply by voice command. Technology permitted the once thought insane ideas to be made into reality. Conversely, just like the inability of money to purchase all things, there are also several things that even technology can’t address to – say the intangible things like love and commitment for example. With the advent of gadgets and programs over the Internet, sweet expressions of “I love you” and “I miss you” are thrown to anybody like scratch papers. And as the standards of expression of love changed, so as the number of years or days of courtship. These days, a boy and a girl (or a boy and a boy / a girl and a girl) can already become a couple in as fast as minutes or even seconds for hook-ups. But just as how fast such whirlwind romance happened, so as the failure of the relationship. But unlike all the other couples these days, there is a couple that I really salute with regards to this matters – Isa and Denz.

The Love Story

They have been together for almost 10 years before they entered the sanctity of marriage. Isa has been courted for a couple of months by her loving husband Denz before she gave her sweet ‘yes’. Of course, just like every other couple, their relationship has undergone several ups-and-downs. Their love has been tested by turbulence and fire and proved its strong withhold through prayers and deep faith. After wonderful years of such undedicated commitment, they finally have decided to settle down.

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The Colorful Journey

Blessed by their families, the two celebrated the sacrament of matrimony at the Archdiocesan Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish with Reverend Father Randolph Figuracion, SDB.

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May their love for each other blossom more as they spend it together.

May they be blessed with good health and financial stability throughout their marriage.

And may God continually bless them with His kindness and glorify them with His Holy Name in order for them to stand firm against all trials and setbacks that will come upon their way.


Because beyond all things and above all things, love demands to be felt.

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