10 reasons why you should NOT join Gabii sa Kabilin


“Those who don’t know history, are doomed to repeat it.”

There’s a very good Internet connection at home. Your friend is holding a reunion. Finally, your favorite band/singer is coming to Cebu! There’s a long list of essential and far more interesting things you can do on the evening of May 29. Why would you waste your time and get bored with all those artifacts in the museum? Really, I’d rather stay at home and watch my favorite teleserye or Sherlock Holmes series.


  1. It’s expensive. Oh my, why would I waste my P150.00 for a ticket of this activity? I can already buy a new outfit for my OOTD or have it loaded to my iPhone which will be good for one month! Why would I help in funding those old museums? They might as well collapse and be forgotten. luksong-baka
  2. It’s not entertaining. Tumbang-priso? Tagu-taguan? Tigso-tigso? What in the world are Filipino games? Really guys, this is so boring. I’d rather play DotA or Clash of Clans. That way, I won’t waste my energy and make-up a false smile to my playmates as if I enjoy socializing with them. So childish. suga
  3. It’s obsolete. What? Freeman is giving out a copy of the very first newspaper ever published for their first 1,000 guest? And what would I do with that stuff? Make a paper plane? I can’t even bring it to a junkshop in order to gain back what I paid for. Too old. Too granny. storytelling
  4. It’s boring. Storytelling? Oh my, my mom can do that for me. Why would I sit beside a guy I hardly know and stay on such position until the story ends? Fairytales are not true. Walang forever. jose-r-gullas-halad-museum
  5. It’s for the elderly. Ben Zubiri? Vicente Rubi? Domingo Lopez? Pilita Corales? Who are these people? Harana? Kulintang? Kudyapi? Sugbuanong Duyog? Goodness people! What era are you living in? Jurassic? I’d rather party in my house with the music of Tay-tay, Kanye, Adam Levine, 5SOS and Vamps. That’d be romantic. Cebu-delicacies
  6. It will make me fat. I’m certainly looking over my diet so, I’m sorry to offend you but I am not interested in your local delicacies and treats. Puto, budbod, pintos and bibingka are all carbo – so totally not in my diet! And mind you, I’m sweeter than those local candies. anotnio-luna
  7. It’s classic, too old for my taste. Free admission for movies? Great! The movies are about biographies of Cebuano folks and the happenings of the past? BORING. Why would somebody show all those stuff? I’ll definitely learn nothing. I’d rather watch Para sa Hopeless Romantic or Pitch Perfect2. That’d be better and more appropriate for my time. tour
  8. It’s tiring. Seriously people, why would you want to walk around those galleries and examine those old sheets of paper, centuries old jewelries and good for nothing rusty artilleries? I’d rather take a walk in SM or Ayala. In addition, I don’t want to listen to those “Know-it-all” tour guides. They are boring. Why are they living here in the present when they are far more interested on the things that happened in the past? They don’t belong here. They might as well teleport to their preferred and suitable era of existence.  tea ceremony
  9. It’s lackluster. You might say that this entry is stupid, but what is even more stupid than watching a tea ceremony and a live session of Chinese calligraphy? Those don’t even belong in the Philippine context. Come on people, they are Chinese! Chinese! Remember the West Philippine Sea conflict? Open your eyes, people! marlon-perilla-tartanilla-1
  10. It’s scary. Just the thought of riding a tartanilla (horse carriage) makes my spirit go away. How much more really doing it? Gosh. Plus the fact that it’s six in the evening till midnight! That’d be too scary even if there are tons of policemen hovering over the areas to secure the place. Just the thought of those activities scares the heck out of me.

What?! You are still not convinced to not go to Gabii sa Kabilin? After those rants that I made? Fine. Don’t blame me if you’ll go complaining about the places, the food, the buses, the horses and the people. Don’t blame me if you get bored. Don’t blame me. It’s your choice to get to know more your place and understand more the culture of your society. It’s your fault.



2 thoughts on “10 reasons why you should NOT join Gabii sa Kabilin

    1. HAHAHAHAHA 😀 😀 😀 But I think someone out there will miss your presence – the horse or the skull with the golden teeth probably. Hah. Kidding. Thanks for the comment by the way.


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