writerIf you are not fond of writing and reading rants, close this window and go to other social media account. This will bore you. Probably, the reason why our ancestors created the art of writing is because there are words that are too much to handle, too embarrassing to confess, or too hilarious to outburst. Not everyone is gifted with the tongue that can say the right words at the right time and in the right manner. Not everyone is comfortable with slapping each other with bitter truths and so they put into writing – and in any forms of art available, say literary, performance and the like. And I firmly believe that I am a descendant of this kind. I was never made for speeches, confrontation and any other front acts. The paper and pen – including keyboard, typewriter, wall, and cellphone keypad – has always been my comfort zone. I content myself with being the wallflower – a silent journalist – that observes, listens and make assumptions. And throughout this long journey of being this kind, I have learned some inconveniences and setbacks of life.

  1. The good thing about being a Filipino is that we are too attached with our families. The bad thing about being a Filipino is that we are too attached with our families.
  1. I believe that there’s always a loving way of saying everything. But there are also times when it’s better to let the fists do the talking.
  1. Sometimes, we need to redefine the meaning of family.
  1. We have our own biases – and that what makes life a little more complicated.
  1. I hate relationships because I hate relationships.
  1. Love stories are just stories. Nothing more.
  1. Insecurity kills. Like literally.
  1. Not all seemingly happy people are happy. Some are just professional in the art of deception.
  1. We need to stop barking at the wrong tree. We are not dogs. And trees don’t talk.
  1. Let people underestimate you. Then slap them hard on the face on how awesome you are.

  I want to write more. But nobody will read this. So might as well, end at ten. Why do we love to make fix items? Like 5, 15, 20 and 5? What’s with the multiples of five? Whatever. I might deal with another entry with that. Oh, thanks for dropping by and not closing the window and letting the air pass. The air is quite polluted though.


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