Hidden Charms of Talisay: Igutan Cave and Jaclupan Dam

“You can’t buy happiness but you can travel local and that’s kind of the same thing.”


Talisay City has been a sole proof that Cebu has been the center of commerce and trade ages before the Spaniards came. From being a simple fishing village, it now hosts a lot of industries both local and international. Moreover, it has started making its name because of its unique features like lechon and fresh sea food like “Kinilaw sa Tangke”. But what is unknown to many, including myself, is that Talisay is more than just being a beach and a fishport.


Igutan Cave and Waterfalls

Several kilometers away from the busy highway of Talisay is a serene paradise where mountains of green lushes are separated by a long stretch of rivers where children take a bath and mothers do their laundry. But more than this beholding sight is another gem that Talisay hides – a cave that houses a waterfalls inside!



Upon the drop-off station, one has to pass a hanging bridge and trek uphill before reaching the vicinity of Barrio Igutan where the cave and waterfalls are located. Since it has been under the premise of DENR and LGU, one has to pay P30.00 for entrance fee which already includes lent flashlights and tour guide.

One has to prepare for crawling, walking, and climbing in order to avoid being hit by the different stalactite formations. At the end of the cave, one can drench into the cool cascading waters of the waterfalls.


After caving, there’s a 250 uphill steps towards a chapel on top of the cave where another barangay is located. Although it’s a little taxing, one has to try this because the view on top is totally mesmerizing!


Jaclupan Dam and Horse Ranch

Since the activity can be done only in few hours, by afternoon, my gang decided to go to the suggested spot by a barbecue vendor – a horse ranch. We didn’t exactly know where it is located but because of the help of the locals, we were able to find more than just the horse ranch!





P25.00 – habal-habal fare from Tabunok Public Market to Igutan Cave (Located near Rose Pharmacy)

P30.00 – Igutan Cave entrance

Total Damage: P80.00

This is an amazing jumpstart for this year and hoping for many more to discover for the months to come. I’d like to thank the amazing blogger of Chasing Potatoes and Adis for journeying with me! Till next time girls! J J J


Do you have an amazing spot near your area? Tell me! Maybe we can feature that in my next adventure!


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