“When plans fail, adventure begins.”

According to the personality test I have taken years back, I am but a pragmatic individual. By pragmatic, this means a person who’s not comfortable to go forth unto the unknown. This kind of individual reflects a person who has an innate research ability which helps him or her to set up plans and keeps track of them like an Asperger’s who finds hard to emancipate him/herself from routines. I was totally shocked about this revelation. My reaction was like, “Me?! A happy go lucky? I am that kind of person? What the –.” Rejection was really on the line. At that time, I thought I really knew who I am – or so I thought.

After Bojo River in Aloguinsan has been publicized in Yahoo! As one of the “10 Places in the Philippines which you have to go before dying”, I immediately encouraged my colleagues to go to the said place. Research, calls, reservations and itineraries were made. Everything seemed so possible – or so I thought.

On the day of the agreed date, only five of us came up. It was devastating at first. But then, an idea struck into our minds. Since we were already on the South bus terminal, we decided to proceed to another destination. A realization came upon us that day. In whatever you plan to do, a plan B is a must have.

After three hours of butt-aching ride, we arrived at Tan-awan, Oslob. Without hesitation, we decided to swim with the whale sharks or butanding and locally known as toki.


mayday! mayday! shark attack!:D

1609701_10202589751998065_5068520944838437378_n10460512_10202682280000327_5589699974853014539_n (2)10353178_10202589756958189_6176955043628647514_n59725_10202589772158569_3985572348036467930_n15375_10202590030845036_5363919906672551220_n     10371901_10202589825439901_2693470855805060131_n 10410494_10202589979563754_8781599859247164620_n 10411008_10202589815639656_5073344325579825760_n  10472166_10202589863320848_268978376488528358_n 10481846_10202589852200570_4518808266347521055_n 10491998_10202589972643581_7085233278299285625_n 10494586_10202589981003790_4331156058440848086_n  10527727_10202589894321623_2475768287646050899_n 10577065_10202589831720058_2868087726445440733_n

Since the swimming with my co-mammals only lasted for an hour, my pals and I decided to proceed to the recently opened Tumalog Falls. The famous Sumilon island is also visible upon going to the upland-located waterfalls.

1521589_10202682282440388_8699845763936589178_n 1919649_10202682281920375_2773143572003733108_n 10400772_10202682283040403_5943297479156770962_n 10522142_10202682284080429_8488645424706494524_n

The waterfalls is breathtaking. Its beauty is beyond recognition. It is incomparable from all the other waterfalls I have been to. The only drawback of the place is that the water is only knee-length which is way too inappropriate for swimming but totally awesome for showering.

7340_10202682292560641_3084817825025963322_n 10298904_10202682295480714_7094381933368275025_n 10406503_10202682316321235_5206106512363564118_n 10450771_10202682308401037_7963502986445005868_n 10509619_10202682305480964_448912554796637787_n 10525627_10202682292800647_1141946074732324191_n 10527410_10202682315481214_8851935020958362965_n 10530719_10202682301800872_8843120438935733788_n 10532469_10202682296360736_7728125242902437168_n 10547432_10202682301400862_7861782681382660353_n 10576906_10202682295000702_1943171034329300820_n 10580140_10202682296640743_9038958012769655266_n 10580265_10202682315241208_4127878707225139917_n  10600359_10202682293760671_1332054763041957002_n bad meets evil

After the three hours stay in the ice-cold waterfalls, we decided to track back the roots and go to somewhere historical – Oslob Church, Calle Aragones and Kwartel. We chilled on the place and discussed how awesome we are. 😀

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


6:30am – ETD

6:30 – 9:30 am – travel to Tan-awan, Oslob for whale watching/swimming

9:30 – 10:00 am – travel to Tumalog Falls

10:00am – 3:00pm – Swimming, Showering. Epic picture taking and eating

3:00 – 3:30pm – Epic bus ride

3:30 – 4:30pm – Kwartel, Oslob Churh and Calle Aragones

4:30pm – ETD back to Cebu

7:30pm – Home sweet home

Amount Spent:

120 –Bus Fare (with student’s discount because we are awesome and the bus fare collector thought we were students)

500 – Whale swimming (P300 for watching and staying on the Bangka only)

500 – Rent for the underwater camera (because we want to capture once in a lifetime moments)

50 – Tumalog Falls habal-habal fare

20 – Tumalog Falls Entrance

50 – Fare back to the highway

9 – Bus fare to historical sites mentioned above

108 – Bus fare back to Cebu

You made the calculation. I’m not good at math. Especially without the calculator. 😀

Feel free to drop in some inquiries. I’d be happy to share what I know about the place base from this trip. See yah!


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