Buwakan ni Alejandra: How to enjoy little inconveniences in life

Buwakan ni Alejandra (c) Dakilanglaagan

                I’ve long passed the stage of organizing events and getting all the blame for all the lapses and inconveniences. This is the reason why even with its risks, I started to go on solo trips – more convenient, faster, and nobody but myself to blame for getting lost and going beyond the budget. However, recently, I have realize that even from those people who always complain and demand so much, I can also learn from them – to be unlike them. HAHA. But seriously, how can we celebrate a misfortune? How do we turn a bad day into a good one?

Blending through the fog

                Probably you have heard so much about Buwakan ni Alejandra in difference social networking sites that’s why you ended up with this blog post. But I’m not going to discuss to you in details the history and geography of the place and the scientific names of the plants that you will see there – that will be your task when you get there (aside from taking numerous Instragammble photos). What I’m going to share to you are the stories behind those photos and the reality that you have to deal with upon going there.


  1. Buwakan ni Alejandra is an hour away from Cebu City.

For somebody who survived the 14 hour rough ride to Buscalan, Kalinga and 12 hour hike to Mt. Kanlaon, would just be a piece of cake. However, just like any other mountain, never underestimate Balamban for that matter. Located approximately an hour away from Cebu City, the ride to this famous garden is already an adventure itself.

The cold didn’t bother them anyway 😀 😀 😀


2. It is located in Cebu Transcentral Highway.

The reason why these flowers have grown beautifully is because of the cold weather of the place. This is because it is located in the long stretch of mountain ranges in the middle part of Cebu where Transcentral Highwa is located – a road traversing from Cebu City (east) to Balamban (west). Since this is on top of a mountain, you have to endure a rollercoaster ride of twist and turns, of direct assaults and downhills.


Friendly reminder: Check your gears and brakes always.

3. It is NOT that big.

While it has been made known to many that this is the biggest flower farm in Cebu, it is actually not hectares big. They are still expanding the area though so probably months from now it would be so big that a football field could already fit in it.


4. You will not be the only visitor.

Given the number of shares and likes, this garden has sparked the interest of many tourists, both young and old. Thus, do not expect that you can actually own the place and do a photoshoot of your own with all the props and choreographies that you want (but continue reading number 5 to know how you can actually act like you own it). This is where the power of angle and editing comes into the picture. Remember, you can’t complain about the crowd if you’re part of it.

Power of angle.
Power of healing.
Power of proper choreography.

5. The weather condition is unpredictable.

We actually wanted a sunset that’s the reason why we decided to go there by afternoon. But I forgot how these mountains made my companions and I suffer on our Mt. Manunggal and Mt. Mauyog hike way back Valentine’s Day. I forgot how unpredictable the weather conditions are in the mountains (told you, never underestimate a mountain). And so, in the middle of our journey, we were drenched by rain and lashed by the harsh wind at the back of the pickup truck that we were riding on. And instead of witnessing the sunset, we saw nothing but fog, fog, and fog. Good thing my colleagues were as crazy as I am. Instead of lurking in frustration on the shelter near the garden because of the rain, they suggested that we’d go around and take numerous photos as there were nobody else in the garden but us! We won’t also lose anything as we were already wet even before we arrive at the place. Thanks rain! HAHA. Not only that, the fog and rain actually added to the beauty that was of the garden! It added natural effect and filters!


Truly, nothing worth having comes easy. It’s normal to complain and blurt out our frustration but better than that, probably we can also channel these energies into something productive, something that would be beneficial to others rather than upset them. If you can’t beat them, join them. If life gives you lemons, make lemonades! If it rains, learn to dance under it. It sounds crazy but perspective changes everything. And I’d like to thank my colleagues for making me realize that. You can skip this part. To Jacque, Venus, Pierre, Renz, Jeya, Jing2x, Taney, Mariez, Lhil, Rona, Guen, Deia, and Sheen, thanks for understanding the situation and maintaining grace under pressure. HAHA. And of course, to Mme. Mary Gel Sungahid for hot choco and coffee and accommodating us for this holiday trip. *insert a big round of applause*

The “Parang Walang Nangyari” Squad

                Buwakan ni Alejandra would not be a beautiful learning experience for us had it not been for the harsh wind, heavy downpour, rollercoaster ride, hospitality of the personnel, and natural beauty of the flower selection. Worth the visit! How about you? How’s you? Have you been there? What was your experience?


How to Get There?


  • V-hire from Ayala

You can take a v-hire ride from Ayala Terminal to Gaas, Balamban. Fare range would be P120 – P150. You can just ask the driver to drop you off near Adventure Café if he’s not familiar with Buwakan as it’s just beside it. The only problem with this is that it’s difficult to catch a ride back home.

  • Habal-habal from JY Square

If you can stand the scorching heat of the sun or the unpredictable change of weather condition, you can ride habal-habal that are stationed near JY Square. However, you have to really haggle with the drivers as the place is far and they also have to pay for the waiting time. Price range may reach up to P500 or more.

  • Contact transportation services

If you are in a group and want to save, you can contact Mary Gel Sungahid for transportation services. You can either choose a private car/SUV or the pickup truck that we have chosen for an awesome adventure! HAHA. Moreover, since she lives in Busay, you can also opt to go to Sirao Flower Farm, Temple of Leah, Tops, Little Tagaytay of Cebu, and many other sites along the way for side trips. Feel free to contact her on Facebook or via 0933-669-9295.

Friendly Reminder:

  • CLAYGO. Clean as you go.
  • Throw your trash on the designated bins.
  • Be careful while touring around as the paths are narrow and you might step on the plants.
  • No picking of flowers.
  • And be considerate to your fellow tourist.
  • Enjoy!

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